ANBAI Activities

ANBAI                 6 Years Founded in BBH
ANBAI                 Court Case
ANBAI                 MCI Equivalence – Show Cause + Public Notice
ANBAI                 Now fighting again - Letter from PM
ANBAI                 Examiners/Inspection/Results
ANBAI                 Problems of member Institutes
ANBAI                 Member National Steering Committee on capping
ANBAI                 PCPNDT
ANBAI                 National Commission for Human Resources of Health - NCHRH Bill         
ANBAI                 MoU with ELSEVIER
ANBAI                 Governing Council Meet at Tamil Nadu - 2014
ANBAI                 Amendment in Teachers Eligibility Regulations
ANBAI                 General Body Meeting of ANBAI at Hyderabad
ANBAI                 Letters to PMO – MCI Issue.
ANBAI                 Communication - NBE
ANBAI                 Entry level
ANBAI                 Editorial in E-Medi News
ANBAI                 E-learning resource – National Board Training Programme.
ANBAI                 New Governing Council formed
ANBAI                 MoU with Qikwell
ANBAI                 Support of Empowerment of Nurses
ANBAI                 Appointment of Governing Body - ANBAI
ANBAI                 Introduction of DNB courses in Karnataka, met principal Secretary of Health.
ANBAI                 ANBAI Tamil Nadu Chapter formed – 2016
ANBAI                 Taskforce – Government of Karnataka
ANBAI                 Delhi ANBAI meeting – 2016
ANBAI                 August 6th – NBE – Auditorium
ANBAI                 Bangalore ANBAI Meeting – New President & Officer Bearers Elect
ANBAI                 Kerala ANBAI Meeting - New President & Officer Bearers Elect
ANBAI                 August NITI Aayog

ANBAI milestones