About Us

This association was born with the aim to unite the National Board Accredited Institutions to catalyse their energies toward developing better teaching program and to present a credible and united front to solve problems together. The main focus of this association is to improve the camaraderie and the partnership between the National Board Accredited Institutions in working towards excellence. The association is also a forum to encourage innovative ideas in Post Graduate Medical teaching and hence enhance the standards of our students to International level.

The Primary Aims and Objectives of the association are
To associate and affiliate all the institutions that are currently conducting DNB courses in India into one credible and united organization.
To communicate grievances and problems in one voice to the NBE and to give positive feedback to the NBE. And to maintain / transmit all the rules and regulations of the NBE to accredited institutions in a very transparent manner..
To safeguard the professional/ and academic interests of its member institutions and DNB students.
To hold regular meeting for teaching staff and students.